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Submitted on
June 8, 2011


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Journal Entry: Wed Jun 8, 2011, 9:58 PM

"help me pay my student loans!"

Commissions are SUPER CLOSED.



- Is this a fun, interesting, or exciting commission?
- Is this going to take a long time (not that that's a bad thing!)? A short time? Where does this fit my schedule?
- How long is the current queue?
- Do I desperately need money to pay bills this month?
- Does this client seem reliable, informed, and responsible?
- Do I just love this character or idea? I mean come on! I'm shallow! I like to draw things I like! You know I love fanart of certain things.

Please understand that I sometimes get a huge flood of notes and stuff, and I simply can't get back to everyone, let alone ACCEPT every commission. It's beyond me!


1. I'm in no way obligated to accept every commission offer! I can, will, and do pick and choose commission offers. I won't accept a commission for something I don't like or don't think is interesting. It isn't fair to you if I did, because my heart wouldn't be in it. And it's not fair to me, because frankly, I don't have to do something I don't want to do.

2. I'm in no way obligated to only accept commissions when I say I'm open. I take interesting commissions when they come! I won't say no to an awesome idea. I can, will, and do conduct private business when I choose to, even when commissions are closed!

3. I DO NOT GIVE PREVIEWS OR SKETCHES FOR YOU TO APPROVE. You won't see it until it's 100% done. *GASP!* Only commission me if you like my work a lot, and trust me to exercise slugbox-judgement. It's just faster this way. For everyone. You. Me. And other commissions waiting.

4. I may or may not stream your commission, with or without notifying you or your presence in the stream!

5. Human Cteno: $5000



These prices are ESTIMATES and AVERAGES!

Depending on how specific or open you are with your commission, and how complex the character is, the price will vary! If you say "Go nuts, do what you want." Your job will be much cheaper! If you say they have to be standing a certain way, or doing something specific, interacting with stuff in specific ways and from certain angles, your price will be MORE.

Character complexity is also something to consider! If you're OC has a billion buckles and colors... that's not necessarily as easy! If you want some giant tentacle orgy with specifcic tentacles and stuff, that might be more! Backgrounds can also add a big cost, as that's drawing a whole scene! If you just say "Tentacle hentai, GO!" that's cheaper! If you're a fan of an artist enough to commission them, you might as well give them freedom though, right?

Non-Humanoid characters are subject to the same prices!

2/3rd figure $50ish

Drama Bun by Slugbox:thumb295720013:Cteno 5555 by Slugbox:thumb295132394:

Full Figure $75ish

I Liek Forks by SlugboxDolly Grapes by SlugboxDynamite Tentacles by SlugboxBipedalry by SlugboxInque by Slugbox


Generally, Hentai starts at below-the-belt-nudity.
Obviously, hentai cannot be posted to deviantart. In which case you'll only be provided the full resolution image, and will be posted elsewhere.
- No lolicon.
- No gore.
- No transgender/shemales/etc.

Commissions include the high-resolution .png you can print, which is at least 8.5"x11", if not larger.

By default, I'll just come up with something nice for a background using basic colors, shapes, and such. I'll play around with it.  

Payments are done through Paypal only. Details given once commission has been set up. In your payment's note section, INCLUDE YOUR DEVIANTART NAME, or I might not know who it's from or for what...

Barring special cases, all payment is due up front. I'm fast, reliable, and cheaper than most other artists offering the same publicity and art. That's my policy. In addition, unlike most other commissions you can buy, I guarantee your completion dates up front, so no there are no "Hey, I wonder when I'll get my commission?" thoughts. You will KNOW when it is coming.

You will receive a GUARANTEE DATE once payment is received. The date is the GUARANTEED latest day your commission will be finished. I ALWAYS quote more time than I need. Life has a way of blowing up, and I don't want to be caught behind schedule. Generally it's a two or three weeks. Sometimes, however, it could be a few months. I've never been late on a commission. Ever.

I DO NOT give preview sketches for you to approve anymore! It slows everything down, and forces me to spend more time on sketches than I need to in order to "impress" clients. NO MORE! You know what my work looks like, so if you don't trust me to make it awesome without your input, don't commission me!


If a $1 payment comes before a $1,000 payment, the $1 job still gets priority for a slot.

I don't usually work on multiple jobs at once, since that holds up EVERYBODY. However, if I get art-blocked or something, I may work on commissions further down the queue to revitalize my spirit! I may even finish them first. HOWEVER, this will NOT affect the guarantee dates for ANY slot. Your guarantees can NOT be pushed back.

I don't reserve slots for the general public.

1. You CAN post the image online on your personal blogs, deviantart galleries, and sites.  I personally think this is a douche thing to do... since you can just as easily link the deviation I submit in a journal or something, but I won't complain. Except in that previous sentence.

2. You CAN make edits and crops to the image, assuming I am given credit. However, please do not post it to any groups.

3. You CAN print the image out as well, for personal use/entertainment.

4. You CANNOT sell the image online or through print. If you'd like to make money off my art, ask me how.

5. You CANNOT use the image in any advertising campaigns. If you'd like to do this, ask me how.

6. I reserve the right to post the images anywhere online, and can use it as PART of any future compilation print products or portfolios, digital or physical. However, I can NOT sell said work as a standalone piece. That right is yours alone. Again, If you'd like to keep the image private, or have me not post it, there may be fee, since commissions normally bring in needed publicity as well as funding.

If you'd like to remain anonymous about "certain" commissions, that's fine. However, YOU MUST TELL ME AHEAD OF TIME!! Be default, I'll list your DEVIANTART name on the queue AND on the commissioned piece, even if I post is elsewhere! If you don't want me to do that, you have to say so!

If you'd like to remain anonymous on the queue, I can post a _____plz icon instead. If that's not enough, I won't even put you on the queue at all if you don't want. You'll still recieve an ETA and guarantee, but it won't be public.

However, If you'd like to keep the image private, and only ever seen by you and I, tell me ahead of time. There IS an extra fee for this, since commissions bring in vital publicity as well as money.

The best way is through a deviantart note. DO NOT SEND ME A NOTE ON TUMBLR. Provide references!! PLEASE REMEMBER: Don't be disheartened if I don't get back to you for several days, weeks, or never at all. I get dozens of orders a week, and I simply can't take or respond to each one! Try again later!

I don't speak Japanese, Spanish, or leet. I speak and type in English, with punctuation and capitalization. I don't type in third person. If I can't read your note, I won't take the job. I probably just won't respond...


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KarasuJiru Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Does futa count under transgender/shemale?
< . <
 > . >
Aaron-Mayhem Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
i really wish this would have panned out for all your watchers.
HanaYuno Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ohhh I need to get a paypal account :iconcrydesuplz:
Shinigami992 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
Id like to speck to you on doing a furry pic preferably a female dragon sorta lines im asking because my best-friend is into that stuff as well as your work that id like to commission u to draw one for him its gonna be a late xmas prez as well as a leaving present XD. id like to talk more bout this if you can get back to me plz at or here At DA plz.
Kyraktos Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Student General Artist
I think I might buy a 2/3rd figure if I can figure out stupid paypal /*bricked*
Rhuni Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Sluggy,
How long will it be until your commissions are open?
iiDria Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Oi.. I need more money. I have $40 on my PayPal. ;~; But out of curiosity, I have a Nepriem OC ([link]). What could you do with her? ouo? I've had her for a couple weeks now, I'm in love with this OC. I haven't given much thought as to what all I could do with her. n.n'
rozga-chan Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
So are their no charcges for edits it the image does not come out the way we wanted it to, due to the no sketch approval and all.
Slugbox Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
No edits. Please don't commission me if you don't trust me 100%. But commissions are closed, regardless. If you want more of a say in what you get, there are thousands and thousands of other artists you can hire!
rozga-chan Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
NP, was just wondering that. I love your style to pieces, and wish to get something from you one day, but I better makes sure i have ever little detail covered if I only get one shot at it.
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