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January 26
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Magical Kawaii Financial Fund Drive Cteno by Slugbox Magical Kawaii Financial Fund Drive Cteno by Slugbox

[AwfulSlugMonster] - [Spreadshirt] - [Prints Store]

Alright, Since DA is awesome with text captions and stuff, unlike tumblr, I'll type information here!

Alrighty! As you all know, it's rough times financially. I'm doing okay, but I've had some set backs, and I really want to build a buffer of savings right now. Not just for tax season, but because I want to have more time to focus on Ctenophorae's characters and world. And doing that takes time, and time is money. Not to mention, getting on things like merchandise takes an investment of cash too! Which I don’t have. And how am I supposed to find time to learn Ren'py properly to make dating sim stuff when I'm too busy pumping out stuff I can sell immediately?

 BUT I REALLY WANT TO GET ON SOME OF THIS COOL STUFF THIS YEAR, YOU know? Like... That’s my goal and resolution and everything. Basically, I live paycheck to paycheck. And it's not only stressful, but holds me back from bigger things. And I want to build a buffer so I can do more without being bogged down scrambling to make ends meet as quickly as possible. That’s no good. SOO! I'm doing a Fund Drive. I'm begging for money. And I'm gonna do my best to make spending money on me attractive! With BRIBERY AND REWARDS. But first, how do you spend money on me? 

[] That's my site. It has my Digital Store, which sells digital stuff you can name your own price for. Any price! And links to my Spreadshirt Apparel Store and eBay Print Store! You can buy anything from the site, except stuff from the “old shit store.” That isn’t included because it’s awful. And not in the good way. The digital store is the cheapest option, since you can pay whatever you want for stuff, even nothing. It's like donations, but you get exclusive artwork and stuff in return! Although the distributor only allows 200 free downloads daily. If that happens, just throw me a dollar or something instead, or try again the next day! You can buy these things anyway you want. Pay $15 for everything? Pay 5 for one, but get the rest free? Only buy one thing and pay $1.32? Buy one the next day? Get it free to test it, determine it's worth, and then buy it by downloading it again? Up to you! This is the most effective way to support me, because you can name any price, and the distributor's cut of the transaction is very low! 

The Spreadshirt Apparel store has hoodies and shirts, and the eBay Print Store has signed prints and wall-stuff! These are ways to get physical cool stuff in return for your support, and any profit I make on these will go towards the fund drive rewards!

But I'm also gonna do cool stuff until February 28th to promote this drive. 


REQUESTS often as I can. I still have a few projects to do, not to mention the normal workload. But my freetime will be for requests. The draws could be doodles or sketches or colors or lines or experiments or chibis or painted or illustrationish or whatever! in order to keep this sane and SIMPLE, I'm only going to use Tumblr and DeviantArt to run this process. Just use this tag/keyword on some reference(s) or image(s) of your OC(s): SBOXFD2014 . I'll track and sift through this tag, and pick OCs from them like a pool! 

It won't be done first come, first serve. Just on what I think is nice, challenging, interesting, or whatever! You should also clearly mention whether or not it's okay to NSFW or ADULT imagery of that OC. You don't even have to buy something during this fund drive to partake in this, but I encourage you to! 

BUT DO NOT TAG IT #SLUGBOX JFC PLEASE DON’T FLOOD THAT! DO NOT SEND ME NOTES OR MESSAGES WITH REFS. I won’t look at them and it’s super annoying and don’t send them.


IF I CAN MAKE MONEY, I’LL DRAW STUFF! Let's sweeten this deal up yes oaky yes. At the $500s, I'll take the time to work on stuff for the Ctenophorae cast, or fanart comics that you can all decide upon (details on how that will work is later, if it comes to that!). Do I expect to reach all of these milestones? Not really. That's why the last one is fucking ridiculous.

- $500 - 2 Page Nellko H Comic Spread 
- $1000 - 2 Page Blackriver H Comic Spread
- $1500 - 3 Page Fanart H Comic (You'll all vote on what it is!)
- $2000 - 3 Page Fanart H Comic (You'll all vote on what it is!)
- $2500 - 3 Page Fanart H Comic (You'll all vote on what it is!)
- $3000 - Anurae CE.7C3 x Inctorius Comic
- $10000 - Cteno H Comic

There will be a widget up in my journal and in my tumblr sidebars to track progress! Just give me a minute to get that up and running. I'll update the amount daily!!

Obviously I do not expect to reach most of these. But it’s possible. if ALL of my followers gave $1 during this drive, I'd have to draw about Twenty Cteno Comics. I’ve got almost 200,000 followers. Yup. Hell, if everyone who just reads this message gave a dollar, that would be funded. And I'm serious about drawing it. I will. I'm ready.

Since all of the business and begging is wrapped up now, I just want to say thank you to you all real quick. This is a risky weird job. And this month was the first time I thought to myself, “Man you should just get a real job.” It’s frustrating and stressful. And I fall behind on fun things for friends and my art family, not to mention just feeling unable to properly give you all what you want. Bad feels.

But then I remember it’s also super rewarding. Like, when people tell me how stressed and unstable this job is, I agree with them. But I can also genuinely and easily say that I love what I do. And a huge part of that is knowing that people like what you do, and they don’t really owe you anything or vice versa. You just both like what was made and like it and that’s awesome. And not just for me, but with any artist. I’m no super amazing artist, but I’m super amazingly appreciative of you all. This isn’t like retail, it’s direct support and contact, and it’s great. And like, I dunno. I just wanna draw stuff for you all. So thank you. 


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miudream Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats on reaching your goal! That's amazing!
sheepytina Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is one of the cutest pics of Cteno you've ever drawn! :heart: dat pudge
officeryou Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014
I personally would like to see some more succupus myself.
Apocalypse1415 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome artwork :).  Loved your creativity <3 :D
Rahze8 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Student General Artist
Not gonna lie....i'm alittle confused haha
i guess now would be a good time to buy one of your sweatshirts then haha i've been looking at them and they all have my heart. Plus i got some cash to throw around currently.

But having my character drawn would be about 110% better ;D
Jeriih Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014
Not requesting, I don't feel quite comfortable with those. But I will definitely throw you a few coins at you. 
Angeltsuki-Chan Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Student General Artist
How do I throw monies at you on dA?
natsutanaka Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You have to have a paypal. make sure to get any of his "pay what you want"  rainbow tentacles or even get them all (they are very worth it i have every one) and boom he has money :D
dj-Mara Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Since I'm not the illustrator for most of the images of my characters, I cannot tag them as you instructed for dA. So am I supposed to make a tumblr post of everything in this collection
…and apply the tag to that post?

If so, then I'll do that.
anonymous-bot Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014
The cuteness! :iconhnnnngplz:
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